Qasair Island Rangehood Installation in Kingsford

Location: Kingsford, NSW

Project: New Luxury Home Build – Qasair Parkes Island Rangehood Installation

Rangehood Model: Qasair Parkes

Sydney Rangehoods recently completed a Qasair Parkes Island Rangehood installation in Kingsford, NSW, which stands as the centerpiece in a sleek and contemporary kitchen. The new build features a minimalist design with clean, white cabinetry contrasted by dark accents and a sophisticated stone island benchtop. Above this focal point, the stainless steel Qasair Rangehood adds a touch of industrial chic while offering high functionality. Its strategic placement above the island cooktop provides an unobstructed cooking and integrates seamlessly with the kitchen’s modern, open aesthetic.

Qasair External Ducting

The Qasair Island rangehood is equipped with external motor ducting. This ensures efficient smoke and odor removal, maintaining a clean cooking environment, while keeping noise to a minimum. The installation process was carried out along side the builders, by Sydney Rangehoods’ certified technicians who specialize in Qasair rangehood installations.

Why Choose Sydney Rangehoods for Qasair Installations?

Sydney Rangehoods is the go-to for premium Qasair rangehood installations in Sydney. Our team’s expertise guarantees an efficient and effective installation and guarantees the maximum warranty of 6 years on Qasair models.

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