A Grade Finish Canopies BBQ Rangehood Installation Earlwood, NSW

Location: Earlwood, NSW

Project: Alfresco Kitchen Renovation – A Grade Finish Canopie’s BBQ Rangehood Installation.

Rangehood Model: AGF1500 Pro

Sydney Rangehoods proudly presents a stellar addition to an Earlwood home’s outdoor alfresco kitchen—a custom-designed BBQ rangehood by A Grade Finish Canopies. This project showcases our unique capability to fulfill client-specific requirements, achieving a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality in outdoor cooking spaces.

Unmatched Customization for BBQ Rangehoods

Understanding the significance of maintaining the correct distance above the cooking area, our team installed a BBQ rangehood at an impressive height of 300mm. This precision ensures a safe distance of 1200mm above the BBQ, a feat made possible through our innovative use of a remote motor system. This bespoke installation by Sydney Rangehoods stands as a testament to our commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations, highlighting our specialization in BBQ rangehood and Alfresco rangehood installations and showcasing why AGF is one of the best rangehood manufacturers in Australia

BBQ Rangehood Installation that Improves Aesthetic

Set against a beautiful stone splashback, the BBQ rangehood does more than perform its essential function. It complements the outdoor kitchen’s aesthetic, enhancing the overall cooking experience. This project illustrates the seamless integration of form and function, with the rangehood installed above a BBQ and gas stove, ensuring a clean and fresh outdoor cooking environment.

Customer Satisfaction at the Forefront

The hallmark of this project was not just the technical excellence but the joy and satisfaction it brought to our client. The custom dimensions and the meticulous installation of the A Grade Finish Canopies rangehood have set a new standard for outdoor alfresco kitchens.

Choose Sydney Rangehoods for Your Alfresco Kitchen Needs

Whether you’re updating your outdoor kitchen or embarking on a new installation, consider the unmatched quality and customization that Sydney Rangehoods and A Grade Finish Canopies offer. Let us transform your outdoor cooking experience with a bespoke BBQ rangehood designed to meet your specific needs.

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