The Best Rangehood Manufacturers in Australia

Rangehoods are not just decorative kitchen appliances. By installing a rangehood in your kitchen, you can improve air quality, remove excess heat, provide additional lighting, and even increase your home’s equity value.

The good news is that in Australia we are spoilt for choice when it comes to rangehoods as they are highly available—but how do you select the right manufacturer? This guide shortlists the top rangehood manufacturers in Australia and provides points to consider when selecting the rangehood to install in your kitchen.

How to Choose a Rangehood Manufacturer

There is more to selecting a range hood manufacturer than finding the cheapest or easiest option. There are many more factors to consider! If you’re looking for the right rangehood manufacturer, here are a few tips to keep in mind.      

Know What Type of Rangehood You Need

There are different types of rangehoods that not every manufacturer provides. For instance, smaller-scale manufacturers might only stock under-mounts, while others might offer a complete range of island, downdraft, and ductless hoods.

You can’t just pick any range hood, either. Your kitchen layout, room size, and cooking needs will dictate what type of range hood best suits your needs.

Determine Your Budget

Rangehood installation covers more than the product itself—you’ll also have to consider the brand of the rangehood, delivery, the installation process, and additional services.

Purchasing and installing a fixed rangehood can start from $1000 to $2000 but can go as high as $10,000+. There are certainly different rangehoods for different budgets. Knowing your budget will help you find a manufacturer that works for you.

Read Customer Reviews

Like consulting case studies, reading customer reviews can provide the social proof you need to make an informed decision about your potential manufacturer. While case studies will likely be presented favorably, customer reviews are primarily uncensored and won’t hold back on any grievances they might have.

Speak with a Professional

If your unsure about the rangehood that bests suits your needs and budget, you can always contact Sydney Rangehoods for advice!

Top Rangehood Manufacturers in Australia

Now that you know how to scout a reliable rangehood manufacturer, it’s time to pick one. Here are the top rangehood manufacturers in Australia you should consider (In no particular order). At Sydney Rangehoods we can supply and install from all of the manufacturers we have listed below.

Qasair by Condari

Qasair Rangehoods Installer

Service Locations: QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, NT, WA 

Cost Range: $2,500 – $5,000+

Types of Rangehoods: indoor, wall mounted, island, under-mount

Specialty: Custom Made Rangehoods, Alfresco BBQ Rangehoods

Warranty: 36-month warranty

Condari is an Australian-owned business and Qasair range hood installer that has specialised in premium-quality rangehoods for over 40 years. It manufactures its rangehoods in Melbourne and is known for its quiet and powerful motors.

The company has since expanded into providing alfresco rangehoods and exporting internationally to New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Customers can purchase bespoke Qasair rangehoods to suit local conditions and kitchen specifications. Condari equips potential buyers with a comprehensive rangehood buying guide before making a final purchase or green-lighting manufacturing.  Sydney rangehoods has been a preferred Qasair Installer for many years!

Visit Condari’s Website


Whispair Rangehoods Installer

Service Locations: NSW, ACT, ADL, VIC, WA

Cost Range: $1,500 – $8,000+

Types of Rangehoods: under-mount, wall, island, ceiling, alfresco

Specialty: Remote External Motor System, Remote Inline Motors

Warranty: 5-year warranty on all models

Since 2009, Whispair has provided state-of-the-art extraction technology to Australia and New Zealand markets. Its “Your Hood, Your Colour, Your Way” initiative provides potential clients not only with a top-performing rangehood but with one that complements their kitchen aesthetic.

Whispair stocks German-made motors with KleenAir fan technology and ultra-quiet operation. It also provides modern motor solutions that deliver air faster than traditional twin fan systems as well as a specialised external motor system that powers the Rangehood from outside of the home, making for a quiet & clean solution. Sydney Rangehoods has been a preferred Whispair Installer for many years!

Visit Whispair’s Website


Schweigen Rangehood Installer

Service Locations: BRIS, PER, ADL, MEL

Cost Range: $500 – $4,500+

Types of Rangehoods: under-mount, wall, ceiling, island, alfresco

Specialty: Isodrive Motors & Silent Hood Technology, Steel Flex Ducting

Warranty: 3 – 5 years, depending on model

Schweigen silent rangehoods are German-manufactured and sold by over 900 nationwide retailers. The company is the only Australian-owned range hood specialist that is climate-positive, with aims to support the local economy.

Schweigen is known for its Steel-Flex Ducting, Silent Rangehood Systems and Isodrive motors, the most energy-efficient on the market.  Sydney Rangehoods has been a preferred Schweigen Installer for many years!

Visit Schweigen’s Website


Sirius Rangehood Installer

Service Locations: VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, SA, TAS

Cost Range: $1,500 – $5,500+

Types of Rangehoods: alfresco, canopy, under-mount, down-draft,

Specialty: Italian design ‘Valentina Collection’, Downdraft Rangehoods

Warranty: 6 years on all models, 10 years on external motors

Sirius Australia provides luxury rangehoods that boast style, sophistication, and functionality. It manufactures all its range hoods in Italy, where it sources European-made SEM motors.

The company boasts one of Australia’s most attractive rangehood warranties, stacking an additional three years on top of its standard warranty when customers use Sirius ducting. Not to mention, those equipped with SEM motors have warranties of up to ten years. Sydney Rangehoods has been a preferred Sirius Installer for many years!

Visit Sirius’s Website

A-Grade Finish Canopies

A-Grade Finish Canopies Rangehood Installer

Service Locations: VIC, MEL, NSW

Cost Range: $3,000 – $4,000+

Types of Rangehoods: canopy, alfresco, custom

Specialty: Custom Alfresco BBQ Rangehoods, Commercial Rangehoods

Warranty: 2-year warranty on all models

A-Grade Finish Canopies is a family-owned Australian rangehood manufacturer that custom designs BBQ, domestic, and commercial fixtures. It delivers Australia-wide and provides full-transit insurance.

As a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience, A-Grade Finish Canopies is known for its attention to detail. It gives customers peace of mind with a 100% money-back guarantee. Sydney Rangehoods has been a preferred A-Grade Finish Canopies Installer for a number of years!

Visit A-Grade Finish Canopies’ Website


Falmec Rangehood Installer

Service Locations: VIC, NSW, MEL, BRIS

Cost Range: $2,000 – $6,000+

Types of Rangehoods: Under-mount, wall, island, ceiling, downdraft, alfresco

Specialty: Falmec Plus Series, E.Ion Technology

Warranty: 5-year warranty on all models

Founded in 1981, Falmec has over 35 years of experience manufacturing premium rangehoods. The company is known for its technological innovation, incorporating ionisation and noise reduction features to provide a sophisticated cooking experience.

Falmec is known for using AISI 304 stainless steel for manufacturing corrosion-proof and hygienic fixtures. Sydney Rangehoods has been a preferred Falmec Installer for many years!

Visit Falmec’s Website


Bora Rangehood Installer

Service Locations: NSW, VIC, MEL, BRIS, QLD, WA

Cost Range: under-mount, BBQ, island

Types of Rangehoods: $2,500 – $10,000+

Specialty: Combined Induction Cooktop and Ranghood

Warranty: 2-year warranty on all models

The mind behind Bora, Will Bruckbauer, has been developing cooktop extractor systems for over two decades. Bora’s rangehoods are impeccably designed, employing silent vapour extractor systems.

Bora is a multi-award winner of many prestigious design titles and is known for its architecture-first approach. Sydney Rangehoods has been a Bora Installer for a number of years now.

Visit Bora’s Website

The Bottom Line

The benefits of fitting your kitchen with the appropriate rangehood are undeniable. As part of the process, you’ll need to select the best rang hood manufacturer for your needs.

When you choose Sydney Rangehoods, we guarantee that your products come from the most trusted manufacturers in the nation. Consult with our experts today to learn more about the best Rangehood for you and how we can help!