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No mess, no stress & all of our work is Fully Guaranteed

Our fully licensed electricians will take care of your installation

Whether you have a canopy or pull out range hood that needs to be installed our team have the experience and skill to get your installation complete.

Enjoy Extended Warranties of 6-years on Qasair and 10-years on Whispair and 4-years on Sirius when we do your installations. We can take care of your both commercial and residential installations so give us a call today.

Licensed Electricians

All of our installers are licensed electricians.

End-2-End Solutions

We’ll take care of absolutely everything.

Just some of the brands that we install and service


Your job done right

Installations done by highly experienced professionals

While it may seem like any electrician can install your range hood for you, it actually requires a specialised skill set to ensure that it is 100% correct. Our team will take care of everything for you.

  • We’ll make all of the necessary installation preparations
  • We’ll unbox and install your range hood
  • We’ll clean up and leave your kitchen neat and tidy

All types of range hoods

Residential and Commercial Kitchens

Whether your renovating, refitting or building a new kitchen our team will ensure that your range hood is properly installed and correctly fitted which will ensure that it has the maximum life span possible.

  • We take care of both indoor and outdoor installations
  • We install: Canopy, slide out and fixed range hoods
  • Your installation is completed by a specialist

Heart of the home

Your kitchen is the absolute heart of your home

Purchasing and installing a new range hood is a decision that will be with you and your kitchen for a very long time. Our team of professional installers will ensure that your installed is correctly and stands the test of time.

  • We’ll ensure your range hoods maximum efficiency
  • Our installations will minimise the noise output
  • All installations in accordance with Australian Standards

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

There could be a few things causing this

  1. The motor in the actual range hood is unservicable (broken)
  2. You might have vents that are blocked
  3. You might have filters that are blocked

Range hoods are robust and tough appliances however they do need to be carefully maintained and serviced to ensure that they are in proper working order.

The best type of range hood is one that covers the complete cooking area. This is normally a canopy style range hood.

Remember you can never have to much extraction however there is a trade off in extraction verses the noise that it creates so you’ll need to find that balance.

It’s always best to vent it externally where ever possible however if this cannot be achieved then you can recirculate the air back through filters.

Range hood installations can be very tricky indeed. We do not recommend using a handy man to do the installation as there are many things that can trip you up and ultimately cost additional time and money.

The power supply should always be installed by a licensed electrician and NEVER a handy man. In fact we recommend that your installation be carried out by an experienced, licensed electrician to ensure that it is done correctly the first time.

It really depends on how often you cook. Commercial kitchens will replace their filters every 6 to 9 months however at home you probably don’t need to do it that frequently.

The best thing to do is check with your manufacturers recommendation. A rule of thumb we use with our customers is to replace your filters every 12-15 months in the family home.

Pour a good squirt of de-greasing dish soap and 1/4 cup baking soda into the hot water. Swish around with a brush (not your hand because it’s too hot!) until the water is nice and soapy. Use one cloth to clean with and a dry cloth to wipe it all nice and dry.