Expert Schweigen BBQ Rangehood Installation in Forster, NSW

Location: Dural, NSW

Project: High End Alfresco Renovation – Schweigen BBQ Rangehood Installation

Rangehood Model: Schweigen CL8915S BBQ Rangehood

Sydney Rangehoods recently embarked on a unique project in Forster, NSW, making a remarkable difference in Kevin’s alfresco kitchen. Overlooking breathtaking scenery, this kitchen needed a final touch, and our expertise with Schweigen rangehoods was precisely what it needed.

Installing the Ideal Schweigen BBQ Rangehood in Forster’s Alfresco Space

Traveling four hours from Sydney, we took on the challenge when Kevin couldn’t find a local expert for his BBQ rangehood needs. The kitchen, which boasts a sizable BBQ and smoker, required an expansive rangehood capable of accommodating both appliances. Enter the Schweigen CL8915S BBQ Rangehood. With its stainless steel finish perfectly matching the BBQ, it was the last piece of the puzzle for Kevin’s alfresco area.

Why Schweigen Became the Choice

Among the many reasons Kevin and his wife chose the Schweigen BBQ rangehood, its impeccable design, and high-performance extraction capabilities top the list. Furthermore, its aesthetic seamlessly complements the outdoor kitchen setting, ensuring both function and form are in harmony.

Sydney Rangehoods prides itself on going the extra mile – literally, in Kevin’s case – ensuring that every installation is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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