Qasair Austin BBQ Rangehood Installation in Dural Alfresco Kitchen

Location: Dural, NSW

Project: High End Alfresco Renovation – Qasair Austin BBQ Rangehood Installation

Builder: Hamik Luxury Homes

Rangehood Model: Qasair Austin BBQ Rangehood

A Collaboration with Hamik Luxury Homes: Setting the Alfresco Rangehood Standard

At Sydney Rangehoods, we pride ourselves on tackling intricate installations, and our latest project in Dural, NSW was no exception. In collaboration with high-end builder Hamik Luxury Homes (@hamikluxuryhomes on Instagram), we undertook the challenge of integrating a Qasair Austin BBQ rangehood into a luxury alfresco cooking space. The design of this outdoor kitchen was meticulously planned around the rangehood, emphasizing its centrality and function.

Qasair Austin BBQ Rangehood: The Pinnacle of Customization and Elegance

One of the standout features of the Qasair Austin is its adaptability to any finish. In this project, it was treated with a navy powder coat, perfectly mirroring the color of the lower cabinetry. This BBQ rangehood not only serves as a focal point but is an epitome of seamless design integration.

The Perfect Backdrop: Integrating Qasair with Luxurious Elements

The rangehood finds its backdrop in a stunning grey tile splashback, positioned above a pristine marble bench which houses a gas BBQ. The alfresco area encapsulates luxury, with the Qasair rangehood as its crowning jewel, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for both style and impeccable function. For homeowners and builders alike, the adaptability and aesthetic appeal of Qasair rangehoods, particularly in BBQ and alfresco settings, is unmatched. This project in Dural is a testament to that claim.

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