Why is your Rangehood not working? Testing & Troubleshooting guide.

There are many benefits to having an effective rangehood system in your kitchen. Apart from the visual appeal it provides, a range hood removes smokes and contaminants, therefore improving the air quality of your kitchen and the overall cleanliness. When the range hood becomes faulty, it’s as good as cooking without it.

Harmful contaminants that should be removed from your kitchen will remain in the air. This is known as indoor air pollution and could have more of an effect on your health then you might like to believe. Some of the effects known to be caused by indoor air pollution include skin irritation, nausea, nose and throat irritation, headache, fatigue, asthma attacks, and respiratory problems.

It’s important to clean and maintain your range hood regularly to make sure it continues to work properly. Additionally, it is important to know the signs if your range hood is not working properly. In this article, we will cover some of the most common rangehood problems and what you can do to fix them

Disclaimer: Different range hood manufacturers and installers have different warranty dates and terms. Before doing anything to your rangehood you should 1st consult your installer/manufacturer to discuss your issues.

Common range hood problems

Loss of power

You turn on your rangehood but nothing happens. No lights turn on. Suction does not start…. Or, it was working when it suddenly stopped. 

Solution 1 – Check if the circuit breaker tripped. If other lights or appliances have also turned off…it’s a tell-tale sign that this is your issue. To fix this, check your power box. If certain areas of your home have been switched off…switch them back on.

Solution 2 – If it’s not the circuit breaker, check for a blown fuse, if it has blown you will need to replace that. How to do this will depend on your rangehood model. 

Solution 3 – You may also check if the outlet is working. If your range hood is electrically hard-wired, you can use a multimeter to check if the range hood is receiving power. 

The light has stopped working. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory…If your range hood is working in all other ways but your light is not. There is a very good chance you need a new light.

Solution 1 –  Another way to tell if you need a new light is to look at the bulb…is the glass dark or black? It’s worn out and needs to be replaced.

Solution 2 – Another possible reason for the light not working is if you have a faulty switch. To test this, you can use a multimeter to see if the current is reaching the light when switched on. If you have identified that this is the issue….best to consult a professional about getting this fixed.

The fan does not work when switched on.

Your range hood is turning on, the lights are working but the fan isn’t… You may need a new motor. There are two possible reasons why a fan won’t activate when you turn the range hood Power On. 

First, the fan switch might be faulty, 

Second, the fan motor might be damaged. 

In both instances, by attempting to fix yourself you could potentially void any remaining warranty. If your fan is not working…you are best to contact your installer/manufacturer first.

Poor Air Suction? It’s working…but it’s not working. 

Several reasons can cause poor air suction and filtering.  That is why it is important to always clean and maintain your rangehood. Some of the reason(s) that can cause your rangehood to work ineffectively

  1. Dirty, clogged or broken air filters. 
  2. Clogged air ducting. 
  3. A broken fan blade, 
  4. fan motor failure. 

Solution 1 – If your filters are dirty and clogged..they will stop filtering. To fix this first check your filters for grease. Remove and wash them. You can check out our guide on how to clean your rangehood. 

Solution 2 – If your rangehood is still not working after cleaning the filters, use a flashlight to inspect the inside of your duct. If it is blocked by anything, unclog it. Depending on your rangehood, this may be more or less difficult. If you’re not sure… get in touch 1st. 

Solution 3 – Clean and check the fan blade for grease or damage. If it is dirty, clean it. If it is damaged, contact your specialist to get it fixed.

The fan makes an unusual sound or is unusually loud, 

When the fan of your range hood makes a strange sound, chances are the fan is covered in grease and is struggling with the friction this is causing. 

Solution 1 – Clean the fan blades. 

Solution 2 – Check to make sure the fan is centered and not rubbing against the side of the duct when in motion. You may also check if the fan blades are bent. If your fans are damaged contact your manufacturer/installer.

How to Test Your Range Hood’s Efficiency

If you’re not getting what you need out of your rangehood, it’s best to contact a professional installer who can assist to identify what is the issue and work swiftly to fix. Oftentimes, there is nothing wrong with a rangehood aside from the fact that it is not suited to the kitchen or cooking being done. A professional will be able to point this out to you if it is the case.

If you would like to test the suction power of your rangehood at home here is a few ways: 

  1. Use an anemometer. Check your rangehood model, and compare to see if you are getting the power you should be. 
  1. Use a paper test. If you put a sheet of paper on the vent, the paper should stick to the vent. It means the range hood has a good suction rate. 
  2. Boil a pot of water. Switch on the lights of the rangehood to make the steam more visible. An efficient rangehood will suck all the steam.if you see steam spilling throughout the kitchen, then it’s time to have your rangehood checked.

Looking for a Rangehood Installation But Not Sure Where To Start?

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